Chris Ferguson files claim on behalf of Full Tilt companies worth almost $100m

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chris ferguson 02Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has filed a claim on behalf of Full Tilt Poker’s companies in attempt to reclaim almost $100million in player funds. The deadline for making such a filing was believed to be yesterday and in all, there are four different documents covering the vast amount of money involved. One covers both Vantage and Kolyma, the other three each alluding to funds held that were en-route to Tiltware, Filco, Pocket Kings and Pocket Kings Consulting. Amounts are only shown in the documents filed on behalf of the first two companies mentioned with the amount totaling $98.1million.

Delving into the filings, there are a number of companies that had accounts seized that Full Tilt claims contain the funds of players. They are listed in the order they came on the claim form and are as follows, and it states that Full Tilt Operators have right, title or interest in the following accounts:

$25,297,322 at Sunfirst Bank in the name of Sunfirst Bank UTF Powder Monkeys/Full Tilt

$14,740,855 at All American Bank, New City Bank in the name of 21Debit LLC and and at Bank One Iowa in the name of 4 A Consulting

Unspecified amount at UMPQUA Bank in the name of ULTRA SAFE PAY and HSBC Hong Kong in the name of Griting Investments

$9,655,075 at various banks in the name of Trinity Global Commerce Corp

$9,632,834 at various banks in the name of G.I. Holdings

$4,916.977 at various banks in the name of SNR Inc

$23,696,003 at various banks in the names of Viable Marketing Corp. and Viable Processing Solutions

$10,337,474 at various banks in the name of LST Financial

It also includes all funds in accounts in the name of Vantage in Luxembourg and Switzerland, and Kolyma accounts in Germany. This is also the case for Filco, Pocket Kings and Tiltware Pocket Kings where a number of accounts are being claimed by the signatory, Ferguson. Whether any of this means players will get their money back quicker it’s too early to tell and given yesterday’s deadline the claim may just be for the sake of making a claim.


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