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Full Tilt Poker Law SuitSome may say that controversial igaming website Filt Tilt Poker was a perfect example of how not to run a business. In the months following the Black Friday Indictments in April – which saw the suspension of their Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC) license during the summer – it hasn’t been the most popular among its past users.  The company has had class action lawsuits filed against it for refusing to pay out owed winnings. Last week we reported how two men from LA who were FTP regulars are suing the site for $900 million in damages because they are still owed $120,000.

However, due to interest from a certain French group’s son, Laurent Tapie – there’s rumours spreading wider than a hooker’s legs that the poker site is set to rise once again but under new management. And in as soon as a couple of weeks. Though nothing is confirmed, it was reported this week that French magazine LivePoker – who claimed to have some “serious money in FTP” – has been surveying asking past players questions relating to ways they’d prefer to receive their funds back. With this only implying that the rumours FTP is gearing up to re-apply for its AGCC license are true, we polled our readers the question: Should Alderney Renew Full Tilt Poker’s Licence?

53% of readers said no, never, not a chance. That’s a pretty meaty majority – showing that player trust will probably never truly be restored. 20% did say yes though, but only after players are paid. Only 9% said yes. Though we’d love to know what their reasons would be. Were you one of the minority who said yes? If so, we’d love to know why.

18% of readers polled said yes, but under completely new management, agreeing that all existing management should be forced to divest of all interests in FTP before its allowed to be licensed. But even under new management – which is rumoured to have said FTP will be a Euro focused organisation – isn’t it right that 100% of the US player money should be paid back before its allowed to be licensed again? Surely anything other than this will bring the industry and any regulators into disrepute?



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