EiG 2011 breaking records

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EIGEiG Milan has confirmed that this year’s conference saw an increase in attendance of 30% year-on-year as 1744 attendees flooded through the doors. The organizers added that 40% have already confirmed for next year. Anyone doubting Clarion’s decision to up sticks and move to Milan should be chowing down on humble Tiramasu right about now!

Ewa Bakun, Event Director at organizer Clarion Gaming, confirmed: “2011 has been the biggest year ever for EiG, both in terms of exhibitor and delegate figures. Everyone here at Clarion has been extremely pleased with how the event went and the feedback we’ve all been receiving. Once again, EiG has proven that it has a successful format that attracts a decision-making audience who attend to do serious business, network and to learn. Our entire team is all very much looking forward to next year’s show.

“In the meantime, if people missed any of the key speakers or would like to revisit one of the many sessions, they can find them all at EiG Replay, our new online playback service,” she added.

What EiG failed to release was a breakdown of the numbers that we craved here at In light of this, we’ve mocked up our own version. We estimate that around 1743 of the attendees came home with quite the hangover (well there’s always one that insists on a water.) Of these, at least three took home the DAF awards and we’ve even had reports that one party-goer insisted that he stayed in the sistine chapel and partied with the big P man for the week. This was in addition to eight worse-for-wear members delegates insisting that Silvio had attended one of the parties. As we know well, Mr Prime Minister does like a good party…or 11. Oh no. That was a woman that he liked 11 of. Just the one party a night for Silvio then.

If you missed it, never fear as caught everything on their trusty cameras. There are summary videos for day one, two and three, a full highlights video and article to go with. Then there are the party photos and DAF awards over at the Party SinDEX. When we say we’ll be at a conference…it’s covered!


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