Sportsbook battering reiterates need to choose carefully

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Sports bettors winningThere’s really no doubt about it. 2011 has seen the players show they know what’s up when it comes to US sports and they aren’t ashamed to keep chipping away. Last weekend was like no other that came before it. It was like the players had their hands in the till and there was nothing the sportsbooks could do about it because it was all above board. Players have never had it so good.

College ball was where the biggest hits were felt. 11 of the nation’s top 12 teams played with 10 covering the spread and the only failure being No. 11 Texas. They did play No. 3 Oklahoma though, so any hint of a collective smirk was quickly wiped.

Once Oregon had covered 24 points on Thursday night, the parlays were on and the fun didn’t dissipate for the entire weekend. Whether it was Boise State (-21) covering, Clemson (-20) following suit or anyone of LSU (-14), Ok. State (-29), Arkansas (-10) and Michigan (-7.5), it was clear that the football god wasn’t on sports betting’s side.

It all finished with the Green Bay Packers putting pay to a recovery by overcoming a 14-0 deficit to beat the spread and then the Lions won their fifth game of the season. THE FUCKING LIONS!

Sportsbooks need not worry though. Most of the bettors that made the big wins will be betting with a bigger bankroll this weekend and the house may well win it all back. If it continues to reflect the general trend in the world of US sports betting then their may be trouble ahead. International operators have also found to be the case that 2011 is the year of the punter and 2012 can’t come soon enough.

The overall situation is very bad news for the under-financed US-facing brands that have started to spring up this year. Well-established brands have the money behind them to stave off the bettors having their year in the sun. It’s one reason why players would be best advised to stick with an established brand that has been around a long time and not fall for one of the new kids on the block. If they end up not being able to pay you out, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!


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