Genting Poker makes curious business decision

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Genting PokerGenting Poker has made “a business decision” to immediately stop accepting customers from ten countries. A spokesperson told that the iPoker skin would no longer be accepting players from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Spain. It echoes a similar decision by Entraction earlier this year. Don’t get caught calling them a copy cat – remember they have the Hendon mob on their side and won’t hesitate to send them over to give you a good seeing to. Scary stuff.

During a live chat session with Genting Poker’s “Ash” we were told, “Any affected players have been contacted via email, and the terms and conditions will be updated shortly to reflect the changes.”

Looking through the list of countries that have seen bans, some of them don’t surprise us. Russia has repeatedly slammed the door shut on all online gaming and the prospect of having their back doors smashed in inside a Siberian gulag apparently doesn’t appeal to the guys at Genting. Just think of the ski season!

Norway has copied the USA with their strict regulations that begs the question as to whether the country should be called NorwUIGEA. It’s even the same down to the point that around 300,000 of them still find a way to gamble. We can also see why Genting would want to wait for Austria, Greece and Spain to get their regulatory houses together. Oh and Germany. Please don’t tell me they mentioned the war?!

Poland banned everything apart from sports betting last year with Belgium only allowing you to operate an iGaming site if you own a physical casino business in the country. That translates to no more waffles for the Hendon Mob and pals. In Portugal, there’s a lottery controlling all online gambling and if they find you with a finger in their pie, they’ll have you out before you go any further. It doesn’t even matter if Apple’s your favorite.

Canadian women

The scene at Genting HQ got ugly

Then there was one. Canada.

Like Entraction, Genting has made the curious decision to not allow Canadian players to access their site. Something in the Maple Syrup they sent over? From what we understand it’s no more illegal for a Canadian to open an account on an international poker site than it is for them ski down a mountain side wearing nothing more than a thong.

What’s this banning of Canadians all aboot then, eh?

The fact that Genting is lobbying like a mother fucker to try and get their casino opened in Miami will have had a bearing on it. It’s about time they got their tattered old atlas out and looked how far Canada is from the US. Then all they need do is grow a pair and stop getting so worried. Genting is one of those public companies though and in the balls department they are usually short of one – even two!

Sites run on the iPoker Network obviously don’t need the players any of these countries can offer anyway. Bots apparently make much better friends anyway. Something about them not complaining when they lose. Do they ever lose? Are they any good at Call of Duty? Can they drink more than 10 pints on a night out? It’s keeping us up night-after-night guessing.


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