Windows Phone 4G handsets on their way; Samsung wins best smartphone award

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Windows vs AndroidWindows Phone Series has fallen so far behind in the battle between Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones that it’s now more of a spectator than a competitor. In a bid to change that, a Windows Phone boss announced that future releases of their handsets will sport the ultra-fast 4G capability as well as dual-core processing technology.

AllthingsD reported that head of Microsoft Phones section, Andy Lees, said 4G-ready, dual-core phones were on their way once they found a decent balance between performance and battery life.

4G, for those of you unaware, refers to a speedier mobile data network that allows us to download our cheeky picture messages at a much faster rate. Even so, 4G won’t be available for some time yet until phone operators get their act together. Expected to arrive in the US in 2012, the UK won’t be ready until at least a year after that. Networks in the UK are in a legal battle, fighting over who’ll have the biggest data share of the 4G pie.

Windows promising that 4G will be a feature of future models still isn’t ground-breaking stuff.  Android has had 4G-ready dual-core Android phones kicking around for quite some time. The new iPhone 4S will too support it and Lees insisted that people should be aware that Windows’ current single-core processor models hold up well even against rivals dual-core machines. Is he in denial? Should Windows just accept defeat?

While Windows is crawling their way through the muddy trenches of smartphone warfare, Samsung stands proud waving a victory flag from the top of a mobile phone mast. Winning an award at the fifth annual T3 awards show, their Galaxy S2 device was voted as smartphone of the year.

The T3 awards show acknowledges the best gadgets across a wide variety of categories, and is recognised as one of the most prestigious awards gigs in the consumer electronics industry.

Such news probably comes as quite a shock to Apple, who with the record breaking iPhone pre-order sales, were the favourites to win. Perhaps this was the lord’s almighty way of thanking Samsung, who delayed their next smart phone release to allow the tech world paid tribute to the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs.


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