Nokia release will help emerging markets

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nokia focus on feature phones

Back to the old school!

Off the back of another set of job losses, Nokia has announced that it’s overhauling its feature phone software stagnate. After having signed a dealwith Microsoft to allow for Windows Phone 7 software on their phones they obviously became ever so bored waiting for Bill and co. to get their act together. We’d have gone out on the piss. They’ve created an operating system that sounds like something you say during a night out on the piss.

Meltemi OS, as it’s known, is so that Nokia devices aren’t running completely on someone else’s software. It’s unlikely to challenge the two big boys although it shows that they’re not simply willing the lay down and take it.

What many people ignore is that in certain emerging markets, these phones are still very much a valuable commodity. If you talk to the former plastic magnates over at Nokia they’ll tell you this whilst trying to convince that they’re the future. That isn’t the case. They do have an important role to play though.

Gambling industry firms starting to focus in territories in Africa and other isolated markets could take advantage of a new feature phone OS though. Those in the industry have explained in the past that certain companies are “growing massively,” in this area and a lot has to do with feature phones like these.

Low-end devices represent around 47% of device sales at Nokia and emerging markets is obviously in Nokia’s thinking by continuing the development of these devices. A source told the Wall Street Journal “consumers in emerging markets expect smartphone-like functionality from their feature phones.” Gearing themselves towards a sustained position in the low-end market is fine for now. What are they going to do when smart phones become accessible by even more territories? Then they’ll be up shit creek and even their hands wont work as paddles (could probably use the feature phone instead.)


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