A new game for rookie gamblers

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Roulette LayoutThere’s nothing like gambling, drinking and carrying on at a casino with good friends and a rocking atmosphere, that’s entertainment. The only problem for some of us who don’t know how to gamble is that the drinking and gambling you try to do, the more confused you become and the lighter your pockets get. There’s so much to distract you in a casino, how is a novice supposed to learn? It doesn’t help that scantily clad women are running around putting on a show, you can’t win, it’s the curse of the gambling rookie.

Instead of catering to the high rollers, Las Vegas is looking to attract the rookies with a dice game that’s a mix between craps and roulette. The game is called Scossa and it challenges players to correctly predict the outcome on a roll of a pair of dice.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has already stamped its approval of the game and Scossa has completed a trial run at the Red Rock Casino.
According to the creators at Brill Entertainment, Scossa is a game intended for players who are new to table games and intimidated by craps, or for the really drunk people that don’t want to have to use their inebriated brains.

The way to play the game is easier than saying its Italian name. Players simply place chips on one or more of seven betting options: straight numbers, hard ways, ranges and bonus bets and then wait for the dice to roll. Similar to roulette, wagers are resolved after every roll. The game is played on an 8-foot craps-style table with a maximum of eight people.

For all the rookie gambling industry professionals attending the Global Gaming Expo at the Sands Expo and Convention Center next week, you’ll be able to practice your Scossa as Brill Entertainment expects to have Scossa tables on display at the G2E.


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