Barney Frank caught in Full Tilt blast radius

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Barney FrankU.S. Representative Barney Frank has been one of the consistent proponents of online gambling in the United States. It’s seems wholly unfair that what has become the Full Tilt fiasco, Frank has found himself right caught in the blast radius of the Full Tilt Poker mushroom cloud.

Barney Frank’s political campaign has come under fire for accepting contributions by numerous online gaming sites over the years including over $18,000 from the three men who are now being indicted by the U.S. Feds for running an alleged “Ponzi” scheme at Full Tilt.

Mr. Frank has stated that if the three men are found guilty, he would in good faith withdraw that money and return it to the victims of this crime. Frank was also vocal on how disappointed he was in the allegations against the Full Tilt management.
His forthright comments didn’t stop politician Tim Buckley from taking what can only be seen as a blatant cheap shot. State GOP spokesman Tim Buckley spouted some nonsense along the lines that of “…Mr. Frank is just another congressman who has been willing to associate with criminals.”

Given the fact that Frank’s tenure as a congressman has been beyond reproach, in my opinion, Buckley’s comments are distasteful to say the very least. For all Frank has done for the industry, it would be a shame if this incident should cast a poor shadow on his career and contributions.


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