Asian country has fastest net

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South Korea Internet CafeSouth Korea has emerged as the country with fastest and most reliable Internet on the planet. According to analysis by Pando Networks, the country’s average speed of 2,202KBps puts them out in front as the only country in the world to enjoy a speed that tops 2,000KBps. The East Asian country also took home the top honors for having the highest completion rate for measured downloads, which stood at 94%. Korea’s gambling industry is largely unregulated and pressure has been put on the National Gaming Control Commission (NGCC) to relax draconian laws on the online gambling industry. It’s estimated that the unregulated industry is worth around $29billion per year.

Second and third on the list are a surprising couple. Romania (1,909 KBps) and Bulgaria (1,611KBps) occupy the next two spots on the list with former Eastern bloc countries dominating the top ten. Lithuania sat in fourth place with 1,462KBps; Latvia took fifth with 1,377KBps; Ukraine came in eighth with 1,190KBps. Online gambling industry penetration in these countries has yet to come to fruition mainly down to uncertainties over licensing and where you are actually allowed to operate.

It’s no secret that Asia will become the online gambling industry’s location of choice in the coming years. China is one of those countries that may provide considerable fruit for the online gaming industry and it ranked rather disappointingly with an average speed of 245KBps. Although this was the case, the size of the country and the fact that Internet penetration is low mean that this figure is to be expected.

An Asian country being top of the list gives even more confirmation as to why this is currently the fastest growing part of the online gaming industry. If the Internet continues to enjoy penetration like this across the whole of Asia, it’s only a matter of time before the online gambling industry develops even further. That will be when the privately traded firms start to really show their mettle and illustrate why this model is the best one to adopt in the global online gambling industry.


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