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Full Tilt Issues Statement thumbIn this episode of Perspectives Weekly, the spotlight is on Full Tilt Poker and how they have made almost every excuse possible as to why they are yet to pay their customers. The latest excuse Full Tilt so cleverly came up with was that they haven’t paid their players because of Black Friday and the Department of Justice account seizures. Really? It’s a little surprising that they didn’t add that the world is in fact round and water is in fact wet to their statement. Wow.

Excuses, excuses, excuses, meanwhile, the Full Tilt players are still playing the waiting game, not knowing whether they will ever see another dime.

Online poker traffic is down 23 percent since Black Friday, not surprising, considering that US Poker provided 26 percent of the traffic.

To wrap things up, J Todd welcomes to the show two very special guests.


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