BCLC moving forward with mobile gaming

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The BCLC is no longer sitting on the fence eyeing mobile gaming like the kid too shy to talk to the most popular girl in the class. It seems now that BCLC’s online gambling has hit puberty and they are ready to go all the way with mobile gaming.

The BCLC has just sent out a RFQ for Mobile Application Development and Delivery Solution. Which means they’re no longer mulling the idea of mobile gambling over, they’re moving full speed ahead with it.

Without question, it’s the right move and the smart move. The BCLC and the Province of British Columbia, despite a shaky start into the online gambling world has recovered reasonably well. It was a case of rookie mistakes. Like the private operators in Costa Rica, the BCLC is a self regulated government organization, so they entered the online gambling market like a deer in headlights.

However, since they are part of the government, they basically do whatever they want, whenever they want and tailor the laws to meet their needs. That’s how online gambling became a reality in British Columbia so quickly and without much resistance. Well, that and the British Columbia government realizes that online gaming is a great form of entertainment and not the dangerous menace anti gaming wankers like Vancouver Tabloid ‘reporter’ David Baines tries to make it out to be.

Obviously, the model in British Columbia is nowhere near the well regulated industry in the UK and other jurisdictions across the pond, but a tip of the cap is in order to the BC government for heading in the right direction. People want to be able gamble online and people love mobile gambling entertainment, the BCLC is at least working to provide what the people want, of course, it doesn’t hurt their bottom line either.


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