SG prepares to launch Lucky Card

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Four-year deal

Following an alliance with Western Union and MasterCard, Scientific Games Corporation has announced that it will launch a combination instant lottery scratch ticket and prepaid MasterCard gift card called the ‘Lucky Card’ by 2012.

The Lucky Card is Scientific Games entry into the growing and lucrative prepaid gift card industry.

The Lucky Card allows the gift card purchaser or recipient a $20 prepaid MasterCard gift card and a $5 instant lottery scratch game with the opportunity to win up to $500. The card is activated through a simple internet or phone process and any instant game winnings are loaded onto the card immediately. Once activated, Lucky Card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Jim Trask, president of the Printed Products Group for Scientific Games said in the release, “Lucky Card is an exciting new product that not only offers consumers a creative alternative to the traditional prepaid gift card, but opens the door to new markets and new revenues for our lottery customers…gift cards are an entirely untapped opportunity for lotteries…With the gift card industry expected to reach over $17 billion in the U.S. this year, we believe the Lucky Card has great potential for the lottery industry.”