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Betting appWith the NFL season already underway, so begins the biggest betting season for North American facing online sportsbooks. With smartphones in the palms of so many, NFL tailored apps have become a hot commodity this time of year.

Some of the more popular football apps include the Yahoo Fantasy Football app which is a huge hit with all the fantasy football obsessed, arm chair, GM’s out there…Including myself. This mobile app provides live scoring, roster management and the ability to add and drop players.

NFL ’11 is the official app of the league and it provides a full schedule of upcoming games and up-to-date developments every team. Obviously this app will be super popular with the bettors.

Sports betting apps haven’t quite reached their potential in North America. Not sure why Canada is so behind, particularly the province of British Columbia, but at least they have legalized online gambling, unlike their southern neighbours.

The problem for the US is that not only are they falling behind in the online gambling front, but they’re now missing the boat in the mobile betting market.

Across the pond, the market is seemingly light years ahead. On, customers can have access to cool betting apps like the Racing Post App.

Not to be outdone, Centrebet’s iPhone app which recently gained approval from Apple and is available to their entire Australian customer base was touted by Centrebet’s mobile marketing specialist Jack Sangster, who told eGaming Review that he believed the product, “Will become Australia’s premier mobile betting service for our punters.”

Betfair, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes have managed to get their sports betting apps approved by Apple and into their App Store, and during the last World Cup, Ladbrokes reaped huge benefits from their World Cup betting app.

Aesthetically, Betfair’s iPhone App takes full advantage of the multi-touch interface and high resolution screen, offering users the same core exchange functionality from the main Betfair site, which is essentially, the bare minimum you can ask from a betting app.

So while smartphone users continue to wet their app- etite for sports betting apps, the US continues to lag behind and miss out on huge profits and opportunities, in not just online betting world, but now in the app world.


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