Social Networking moving towards commercialization

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Google v FacebookWe have been watching it happen right before our very own eyes… Actually, just some people are watching, while others are taking full advantage of the evolution of social networking.

Even for the common user, social networking isn’t all about picking up chicks and chatting with friends anymore.

We see this change just by fact that an Ispos Reid poll discovered that the proportion of people with a profile on the professional social networking site “LinkedIn” has more than doubled during the same period from 6% in 2009 to 14% today.

Without question, we’ve entered a new era in the social networking space. It can be said that the first five years was about building awareness and usage around socializing, and ultimately, consumers responded positively.

Ispos Reid Marketing research analyst and President, Steve Mossop believes that the next five years will be about commercialization of social networking. It can’t be stressed enough how vital it is for online gambling companies to jump aboard this rocket-ship.

Mossop says, “Our recent findings show that nearly half (48%) of Canadians with social networking profiles ‘like’ or ‘follow’ at least one brand or company through their social networking site. And consumers follow an average of six brands in the social networking space. This is a brand-new phenomenon—because up until recently, the opportunity for corporate engagement in this space had been limited primarily to links and banner ads. Companies who understand, and enter this space will gain a whole new way of interacting with and engaging their customers and prospects.”


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