New Jersey residents to have their say on sportsbetting

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Vote LogoFor residents of New Jersey, the Constitutional Amendment on whether to authorize legislature by law to allow sportsbetting at Atlantic City Casinos and at Horse Racetracks will appear on the November 8, 2011 General Election Ballot.

Obviously, the positive effects of a yes vote could do wonders for the state and the ghost town formerly known as Atlantic City the gambling mecca.

A “Yes” vote on this question would allow the Legislature to legalize the placing of bets on certain sports events at casinos, racetracks, and former racetrack sites. As it stands now, US federal law only permits this type of betting in the states of Nevada and Delaware.

If legalized in New Jersey, bets could be placed on professional, college, or amateur sports or athletic events.

Here’s the weird part, no bets can be placed on any college sports or athletic event that takes place in New Jersey or in which a New Jersey college team is playing. Odd. I guess college sports have enough issues.

Having sports betting in Atlantic City, casinos and racetracks in New Jersey will only help business and likely bring more tourists to the state.

The State of New Jersey’s government is putting the power in the hands of the people.

A “yes” vote could be a huge step forward for the state’s gambling industry and ultimately the state’s economy. When you look at the economic environment in the United States, with unemployment on the rise and people losing their houses, the timing for this vote couldn’t be better.

Those that are eligible to vote must register to vote before 18 October 2011.


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