FBI arrests NBA player for murder

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Javaris Crittenton Mug ShotIt’s long been said that guns don’t kill people, rather, stupid people with guns kill people.

The FBI has arrested former Georgia Tech basketball stud and now NBA player Jarvis Crittenton for the murder of 22-year old mother of four, Julian Jones.

Crittenton was originally wanted by the Atlanta Police on suspicion of murder after an August 19th shooting. It is being alleged that Crittenton shot at a man who he believed was responsible for an earlier jewellery robbery but instead, his bullets hit and killed Julian Jones.

Crittenton had agreed to turn himself in to Atlanta Police but before he could do so, the FBI intercepted and arrested him in Los Angeles. Though Crittenton claims he’s innocent, he doesn’t exactly have the best track record to back him up.

If your mind is starting to recall another association with Jarvis Crittenton and guns, it’s because Crittenton was the other player on the Washington Wizards involved in a locker room gun incident with Gilbert Arenas. The NBA suspended Crittenton for the rest of the season for his involvement and Crittenton pleaded guilty in that incident and was given a year of probation on a misdemeanor gun possession charge in January 2010.

It seems the incident didn’t stop Crittenton from packing heat.


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