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fairplayusa poker regulationThis week’s online gambling headlines indicate a move towards regulation in the United States. J Todd takes a look at the history of our industry, and how what’s happened in our past is affecting our future.

Let’s begin with the UIGEA, remember the sneaky way that it was passed? What we’re seeing is a blatant plan being executed to perfection. That plan was to vilify, and then monopolize the online gambling industry. It wasn’t long ago that politicians were shouting down online gambling as the evil of society that was eating children alive.

All of sudden, fast forward to today and now states like California, NJ and DC are looking to pass online gambling legislation. J Todd warned us. He said the Big Vegas casinos were planning to get their hands on the industry and now they’re as close as they’ve ever been. They have their own FairPlayUSA organization. It seems like it is only a matter of time before they get what they really want, particularly now that so many international operators have been hit hard.

J Todd discusses how online gambling regulation could be hitting the USA this year. But hold on with the champagne, J Todd warns, not everyone is going to be a winner.


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