Weekly Poll Results

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public gaming company stocks down iconThere’s a lot of similarities between the gambling industry and the stock market, both involve some degree of gambling and risk taking. It almost goes without saying that for gaming companies looking to go public and join stock exchanges, it’s a risky business. No doubt, any investor who rolled the dice and invested in Pwin stocks knows first hand how risky that can be with shares dipping as low as 98.6p this past week.

Though Pwin seems to be taking it on the chin, they aren’t alone; the market swings have hurt a number of gaming stocks around the world.
We polled the question, “Do you invest in Gaming Stocks?” Here are the responses.

48 percent aren’t into taking gambles with gaming stocks and responded with- ‘No’

27 percent don’t trust the stock market at all and keep their money in their mattress.

15 percent responded with ‘Yes” and actually do very well. We’d like to take a gander at your portfolio!

10 percent responded with ‘Yes’ but were very disappointed. That’s a shame. Let’s hope that 10 percent isn’t the “I’m ready to bring a gun to work and shoot everyone before jumping out the window of the 21st floor” type disappointed.


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