Social gaming industry wants the G spot

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Google v FacebookThe social gaming industry has become huge in recent years and has almost grown as quickly as the site that hosts many of the games, Facebook. Now there’s another kid on the block and it’s one of the annoying dweebs. This doofus comes in the shape of Google+ and Marky Z will fast realize that it’s more akin to one of those few cool kids that are really fricking clever than just a geek.

Jason Bailey, CEO of East Side Games, explained that, “Everybody in this industry is crossing their fingers and bowing down to the almighty G and saying, ‘Please, please, let this work and give us a viable second platform where we can build our games.’ Google+ being successful is going to be absolutely massive.”

“If Google+ isn’t successful, something else will eventually come along. But when and where and what is a mystery to us all,” he concluded.

What can Google+ do to make sure that it attracts the right amount of games to be successful?

Suggestions have come from far and wide with the main one focusing on the company not charging as much as Facebook to be a game on the platform. Currently, the incumbent in the social gaming industry race demands that creators of games give Facebook a 30% cut. It’s being suggested on that this could be as drastic as Google+ taking no cut at all and developing a directory inside which it will be a lot easier for people to find what they want.

It’s obviously at an early stage right now. The likes of Zynga, who already benefit from Google investment, will quite literally be foaming at the mouth for Google+ to unveil what it’s doing about games. It could be a huge growth area for the online gambling industry in the future as social networks are still growing with no signs of letting up.


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