Social game developers rest hopes on Google+

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Google plus LOGOPot Farm creator and East Side Games CEO Jason Bailey believes the future for smaller social game firms hinges on the development of the G+ platform.

Speaking to Vancouver’s Straight, Bailey expressed his concern how Facebook is the only real platform available for social game developers, and stressed the need of some competition, here’s looking at you Google+

“Right now, there is only one major social-games platform, and that is Facebook. The consoles, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera are on a fucking nosedive,” Bailey told the Straight.

He continued with, “There is honestly only one other player in town. There’s a few other small guys, but they’re completely inconsequential…Everybody in this industry is crossing their fingers and bowing down to the almighty G and saying, ‘Please, please, let this work and give us a viable second platform where we can build our games.’ Google+ being successful is going to be absolutely massive.”

“If Google+ isn’t successful, something else will eventually come along. But when and where and what is a mystery to us all,” he concluded.

Bailey’s sentiments are likely echoed by any smaller game studio trying to launch their social games on the juggernaut social network. Facebook isn’t exactly the most friendly platform as far alerting users about new games. Worse yet, the 30 percent charge Facebook requires from game developers just to use its platform is damn highway robbery- one of the perks for being the only gig in town.

Google+ should get it’s hurry on, as come November, there may be no Facebook if Anonymous has its way.

Social game developers aren’t the only ones waiting on G+. Online gambling sites looking to solidify their presence in the social media space are no doubt taking a keen interest in just how G+ will be set up and what their stance on gambling social games will be.


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