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Black Friday jon kyl considers pokerIn this episode of Perspectives Weekly J Todd discusses just how strange and almost, unbelievably weird the joint letter to the United States DOJ from Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl was.

Perhaps the intergalactic alignment has already happened? J Todd offers a more simple explanation in considering the letter did ask the DOJ to continue to hunt down international operators. J Todd sees the letter as little more than a request for an instruction manual on how to run a legal online gambling enterprise in the United States.

In other industry news, Bodog has obtained it’s UK license, which is no small feat considering the changes the UK Gambling Commission has recently made. Timing is everything. Across the pond, J Todd has been monitoring the Washington D.C journey into online gambling.

Objections are starting to rise up with opponents who feel they’ve been hoodwinked by an online gambling bill that was snuck in through the backdoor. Strange, isn’t that how the UIGEA was passed? We’re going in circles.


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