PRESS RELEASES media sponsor for SBR Bash in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica, the number one place for your iGaming needs, has confirmed that it will be media partner for Sportsbook Review’s (SBR) latest bash. From August 19-21, Costa Rica will see the latest leg on the iGaming industry’s all encompassing gamblin’, drinkin’ and carryin’ on world tour.

The number of events taking place over the three days will be a challenge to even the most hardened of iGaming party veterans. As ever, the tablog team will be on hand to cover anything and everything that goes down. Whether it is who manages to drink their own body weight in alcohol twice over or the person who manages to procure the Drunk As Fuck (DAF) award, it will all be right here for your viewing pleasure.

As far as a weekend away goes if you were looking for a relaxing break, then you’re in the wrong place! SBR never fails to disappoint where a party is concerned and the weekend will be geared towards iGaming industry professionals’ favorite pastimes.

Upon arrival at the Costa Rica Marriot Hotel San Jose, Friday night’s Icebreaker Party, featuring singer Tamala Hedstrom, will do just that. It’s the job that an open bar is enlisted to do! Follow this with a party bus to downtown San Jose and the Alka Seltzer will be flying off the shelves come the next morning.

Saturday will give attendees a chance to tour SBR’s headquarters before a BBQ and a party bus to the second hotel of the weekend, Los Suenos Marriot. The afternoon allows those who like a gamble to partake in the $5,000 Texas Hold’em Poker Tourney. With a buffet dinner, entertainment in the form of comedian Geno Biscante and another Open Bar then it will be another heavy night for those involved. Those taking SBR’s golf tournament seriously the following morning might want to hold back. When has an 8am start ever stopped anyone though?!

Transportation back to Costa Rica will that evening and we can safely say that this weekend will be one that you’ll have some fun reliving here on the tablog.


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