If you want to party like the boss,’s iGaming Events Directory is the place to come

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Gaming directoryAs a member of the iGaming fraternity, it’s pretty much definite that you’ve attended all manner of events over the past year. Whether it be awards shindigs, wild parties or the odd “quiet” social, we’d have odds on you attending at least one of them. Although it may have suddenly dawned on you that everyone seems a lot more enamored to this drinkin’ lark and you want in.

That being the case, you should be asking yourself – how come I didn’t find myself at the Gaming Directory Events section?

The word exhaustive doesn’t cover the one-of-a-kind directory of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on. As well as giving you every detail you could possibly need when it comes to upcoming events, and how often your liver may need repairing, you can make sure that you’ll never be without the dates of each event. By integrating iCal features, you make sure you’re never too far away from any of the goings on.

Obviously if you don’t visit our events directory, how are you going to know the next opportunity to get your hands on one of our coveted DAF awards? Remember, this is the only place in the iGaming industry where a picture of you absolutely obliterated will be celebrated for years to come. That’s another reason why the Events Directory is an essential source for you.

It’s not just limited to gaming events. We know how large a part sports play in the diets of your lives and accordingly every sporting event is listed in the directory. Be it Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest, the latest UFC bout or the College Bowl Season – we’ve got it covered.

Now if you thought the first two categories were extensive, the third and final group blows them out of the water. Poker events are where the guns, big and small, go to try and boost their winnings so that they can drink even more at the parties and events that follow. To fuel the industry’s thirst, it’s only apt that the poker section of the events directory is all embracing. We like to party and the more people who attend, the merrier it’ll be.

One of the best things about the entire directory if your event isn’t listed there is the option to submit it to our site and in no time, your event will be up in lights in the events directory. It’s the chance for the iGaming world at large to see what your event is made of and an appearance in our directory will drive up attendance.

If you haven’t visited the directory yet, then where have you been? We welcome you to try it out and once you’ve attended the parties, we know you’ll be coming back for more.


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