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jim mcdermott

Lately there’s been a lot of online gambling legislation being pushed around in the US that will attempt to legalize and regulate online poker. While the DC lottery bypassed all of that hub-bub and is moving forward with their own online gambling plans, other states have to deal with the arduous process of getting bills passed through the normal scrutinized channels. As gaming industry professionals, we’ve seen this all before haven’t we?

We asked the question to our readers “What do you think about the new US gaming regulation news?” Here are the responses:

Not surprisingly, a vast majority (68 percent) responded with “Wake me up when something passes”.

Let’s face it, at this point it would be silly to hold your breath waiting bills to pass, we’ve seen so many fail before.
17 percent felt neither the Barton or McDermott had a chance in hell of passing.

9 percent felt both bills had a chance, while just 6 percent felt the Barton Bill was a winner.

Again, not surprisingly, no one thought the McDermott Bill, which seems to pop up every year, was a winner. It didn’t win last year, it didn’t win the year before, it would seem the pattern hasn’t been lost on our readers .


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