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Social Media marketing preferencesFact: social media is currently taking over the lives of the entire world. Whether it is yearning for a friend request, pining for a poke or simply watching your friend post drunken photos from the night before.

Even more important than this is the fact that the medium is fast becoming a huge influence on the users – especially in relation to purchasing habits. Online research company Knowledge Networks even published results today showing that 38 million 13 to 80 year olds are influenced in this way

Where does the iGaming industry like to camp out when it comes to marketing their company via social media though?

The majority is still siding with Marky Z and the Facey B, 41% of voters revealing that they can think of nothing better than indulging in a bit of hardcore poking.

Next in the line was Twitter with 29% of the votes and it shows the site’s growing influence, third place going to LinkedIn with 15%.

Other sites took a 12% share and MySpace had a lonely 3%.

This year has been a big one as far as social media is concerned with the Twitter super injunction scandal truly taking it to the mainstream. Add this to the many lawsuits taken out against Facebook, of which the Winklevoss twins dispute was resolved yesterday, and you can see how important it’s becoming.


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