ASA upholds complaint against site; PokerStars launches Brasil Poker Tour

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ASA logoAfter a sojourn the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has delivered its latest verdict in relation to the online gaming industry. Following a complaint from a member of the public, Betting Scalper was accused of a number of offences under the CAP code. It related to an advert about the betting system stating, “Here’s How to Turn the ONLY Unfair Advantage Left in Betting Into Profits Of £109,148.69 Or More Every Month”. This was followed by a screenshot that showed cleared balances from the bank account of a successful customer.

The four issues that the ASA brought up were:

1. The complainant challenged whether the claim “Here’s How to Turn the ONLY Unfair Advantage Left in Betting Into Profits Of £109,148.69 Or More Every Month”, could be substantiated.
2. The examples of people who had made profits using the product could be substantiated;
3. The claims that one would achieve a winning from every bet using the product could be substantiated; and
4. The website was socially irresponsible for representing gambling as an alternative to employment.

All four issues were upheld with the ASA ruling that they were all “unsubstantiated and therefore misleading.” The ASA ruled that the site should not appear again in its current form. It comes after the ASA had earlier this year reported that the most complained about advert of 2010, Paddy Power’s infamous cat being kicked campaign, was completely fine.

Meanwhile over in South America, PokerStars has revealed that it will be sponsoring the Brasil Poker Tour (BPT). The tour starts next month at the Hotel Transamerica in Sao Paolo and will be from July 21-25. It includes a R$2,300 buy-in Main Event and four side event. Latin America Poker Tour President David Carrion said, “The creation of the BPT is a natural step for developing poker in Brazil. The number of poker players grows every day and we see increased participation of Brazilians in tournaments across the world.”


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