Irish gaming legislation stalling

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ireland gambling delaysIrish politicians are still debating the best direction to go in when it comes to new gambling legislation. Six months after confirming that they will assess the industry, the only movement was earlier this week when a super casino was approved. Other legislation has stalled and could it be because they’re still recovering from stumbling into the Seven Deadly Sins Party?

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter could be one of those suffering from the prolonged hangover. Sipping on one too many Irish coffees might have meant that his considering of the proposals has in fact been delayed. The Options for Regulated Gambling was published back in December and outlined a number of proposals to change gambling in the Republic. The report included information on how to best license online betting.

One still bleary-eyed spokesperson told the Irish Times that the report was, “being undertaken on an entirely objective basis to put in place a modern legal framework to regulate gambling, taking account of the various forms of gambling that exist both online and offline and having regard to the public interest. No decision will be made solely focusing on the promotion of an individual project.”

The delays could well be costing the country a tidy sum of money. An earlier report released almost three years ago showed that regulation could mean €280million for the country’s ailing economy. In addition, it’s thought that it would create 13,000 jobs, and all this by the end of the current decade. Until these guys dealing with the legislation wake up from their dazed and hungover state it doesn’t look like Ireland’s future will be any clearer any time soon. The country is one of those that could really do with the money as well.


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