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phil iveyThe wake of Black Friday left many US poker players with their pockets and palms empty. When the DOJ shut down Full Tilt Poker’s operations in the US, many poker players wondered when and how they would get their money. The final chapter to that story is yet to be completed, but Full Tilt has started making payouts to affiliate accounts, so there is hope.

Phil Ivey recently dropped a bomb on Full Tilt when he came out swinging from the pocket book with complaints over Full Tilt’s failure to make payouts to its players. Ivey launched a massive suit against Full Tilt, demanding freedom from his Full Tilt contract and up to $150m in damages. The $150M sum is rumored to be the same amount that Tilt collectively owes its US players, so we had to ask, “Who will get money from Full Tilt Poker first? Ivey or US Poker Players? We polled the question, here are the responses.

In one of our closest polls to date, US Poker Players were favored at 52 percent to receive their money first while 48 percent think that Phil Ivey will be the one who gets paid by Full Tilt Poker first.

Legal battles can take time to run their course through the justice system and it’s likely that Full Tilt and Ivey will reach an out of court settlement of some sort. But you have to feel for the majority of US Poker Players who unlike Ivey, aren’t rolling in dough and probably could really use that money.


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