Vienna Calling party review

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DAF Award Winner! as always, was on the scene for the “Vienna Calling”- joint BetMarkets Official party and SBC Social taking in all the sites and sounds and providing coverage of this industry event. The event took place this evening in Vienna at the Aux Gazelles and while it was an excellent networking opportunity, we can’t hype it and say it was a hell of a party, the bar for ridiculous parties has already been set.

But the “Vienna Calling”- joint BetMarkets official party and SBC Social was more about drinking and carrying on with good people and forming business and network relationships with fellow attendees.

There were Apple Schnopps shots for everyone upon arrival, free wine and beer on the tables & available at the bar and an appetizer buffet. With over 100 people gathered in a reserved room on the second floor of the restaurant, it was a networking bonanza.

There wasn’t much carrying on though, particularly because it was basically an all male crowd in attendance and little to no eye candy.

Those in attendance enjoyed a great venue with monster windows that provided a nice view of the square below. Because Vienna doesn’t frown on smoking anywhere and everywhere, people were able to enjoy drinks and a smoke on the balconies well into the evening.

Alcohol, and dozens of men chatting business can get a little loud and it didn’t take long before noise complaints forced the party inside. Once inside with the windows closed, things got hot and smoky real fast. As you might expect, a hot and sweaty, smoke filled room with a bunch of dudes and no women doesn’t last very long and the party died down after midnight, with most people making plans to hit up some night clubs.

As the picture gallery can attest, overall it was a solid event and a fantastic networking opportunity. The copious amounts of booze did however produce a DAF Award.

The night’s DAF Award without question goes to Rasmus the SBC man himself, who comically and appropriately started singing “Vienna Calling” into our microphone.

Atta boy Rasmus, atta boy.


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