Sazka CEO dismissed

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Sazka bannedAn unpleasant bankruptcy situation with Sazka has somehow just become more unpleasant.

Mr. Josef Cupka, the Insolvency Administrator of Sazka, has officially dismissed the lottery’s CEO Mr. Ales Hušák . According to the release, because Mr. Aleš Hušák refused to accept the notice in person, it has been sent by post.

The dismissal of Husak comes after the Insolvency Administrator learned that Hušák was paid an advance on his salary of the CEO for May prior to its bankruptcy and the takeover by the Insolvency Administrator. This development contradicted the repeated public statements made to the media by Hušák .

Husak had publically declared that since the insolvency declaration, he had been working for free. Those were all lies. Dirty rotten lies. But we should have known, no one works for free. How Hušák thought he could get away with making those types of statements to the media boggles the mind, particularly when he was leaving a paper trail and all financial transactions were under the highest scrutiny during the bankruptcy.

“This contradicts the repeated public statements in the media in which Mr. Aleš Hušák declared that since the insolvency declaration he starts to ‘work for free’,” said Lenka Angelika Tichá, Sazka’s spokesperson in a release. “The Insolvency Administrator called [upon] Mr. Aleš Hušák, through the crisis team boss, that if he wants to give up his salary he shall do so by means of a document conforming with all legal requirements, or to refrain from false and misleading media statement.”

Cupka said that following a review by legal administrators, Hušák’s benefits under his contract were found to have been awarded in a manner contrary to good practice, particularly in light of the company’s insolvency “due to incompetent management decisions”.

Mr. Aleš Hušák remains the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sazka.


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