Apple’s worth as much as “Wintel”; Nintendo latest victim of hackers

Apple’s worth as much as “Wintel”; Nintendo latest victim of hackersApple is reportedly worth more than both Microsoft and Intel combined. MacDailyNews carries a story that “Wintel” is worth a combined $316.8bn whereas Apple’s latest figures show that the firm had a closing value last week of $317.8bn. The two sides of “Wintel,” Microsoft and Intel, are worth a respective $201.59bn and $115.21bn.

It’s another boost for Steve Jobs’ firms that may have some interesting news at this year’s Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) that gets underway this week. It’s unlikely that Apple will unveil a new iPhone with particularly drastic changes and they’re likely to simply release new versions of their operating systems.

MacDailyNews also reminds those reading of the famous words uttered by Bill Gates almost 13 years to the day:
What I can’t figure out is why he [Steve Jobs] is even trying [to be the CEO of Apple]? He knows he can’t win.

Other technology news saw Nintendo become the latest firms to be subject to a hacking incident. Sony saw one of the highest profile hacking incidents take down their entire online network for a month. The attack on Nintendo is a non-malicious one though. LulzSec cleared everything up in a tweet after obtaining’s webserver configuration. “@Lulzsec Re: Nintendo, we just got a config file and made it clear that we didn’t mean any harm. Nintendo had already fixed it anyway. <3 them!”

Nintendo also confirmed that no harm was done. It will do little to pacify Sony who suffered a significant loss of revenue thanks to the attack earlier this year.