Victor Chandler iGaming Super Show Party Review

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Krystle NightClubIt was the last official party of the iGaming Super Show, the Victor Chandler hosted event at Krystle Club. The Krystle Club was the winner of the top nightclub in Ireland because of its elegant clubbing experience and it was fitting that this was the venue of choice for one of the most elegant men in the European gaming world, Victor Chandler.

It’s a shame this party had to follow the party, as the night was far more subdued than the mayhem and debauchery of Seven Deadly Sins party the night before. As it was still the hot topic the following evening, people kept saying the Seven Deadly Sins party lived up to its hype. The 400 delegates in attendance were still nursing some hangovers but there’s nothing like a little hair of the dog to get you back in shape.

The Victor Chandler iGaming sanctioned party offered guest deep fried canapés and a limited open bar. The Beer was free but the wine was not. The limited promotional bar, despite closing at 12:30am didn’t slow down the iGaming partiers, as they seem to regain their party legs by midnight.

The DJ played a mix of hip-hop, house, funk and rock to keep the dance floor active. At one point, the dance floor turned into an old school circle with everyone showing off their best dance moves. That little gem brings us to our DAF award winner for the Victor Chandler iGaming Super Show party at the Krystle Nightclub.

DAF: Steve couldn’t stop dancing, of course, he couldn’t stop drinkin, or eating or carryin on. We’ll award Steve the Drunk As Fuck award for the night by living up to our motto.

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