Australia to curtail live odds on TV; ASA warns against free bet promotions

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Australian live betting cutbacksAustralia is set to ban the promotion of live odds during the broadcasts of sport on TV and radio. According to the Daily Telegraph, under the plans, the industry will be given until June next year to reduce the live odds on broadcasts of events with horseracing being excluded. If it hasn’t been adequately addressed by then the federal government will draft legislation cracking down on live odds.

“Governments are concerned that promotion, including commentary by sporting role models, is becoming insidious in live sports coverage,” the Select Council on Gambling Reform stated following the talks.

“We are concerned that this can significantly influence vulnerable and young people and normalise gambling behaviour.”

Collingwood Football Club president Eddie McGuire on his own radio show seemingly confirmed the plans. It comes after a number of scandals involving NRL players and illegal betting activity. It also comes shortly after it was reported that PokerStars are being investigated over breaches of advertising laws.

Australia to curtail live odds on TV; ASA warns against free bet promotionsOver in the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told gambling advertisers to buck up their ideas when it comes to offering misleading “free bets” to customers.

Chief executive of the ASA, Guy Parker says: “In the overwhelming majority of cases advertisers continue to promote their products responsibly. However, the sector should ensure that ’free bet’ promotions are advertised fairly. If they do not, the ASA will not hesitate to take quick and effective action to remedy this problem.”

That was as they reported that only 31 of 800 gambling ads ran during the World Cup were found in breach of the rules. It’s still an area of concern for the ASA and it’s manifested in the fact that many firms have seen ads banned over the past year.


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