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It’s time. You’ve been around the online gaming industry a while now. You know the ropes. You know the score. And you know that all is not as it should be. There’s something lacking in your current position. You want – and deserve – something bigger, something better, something more. In the online gaming industry today, nothing says ‘more’ like Bodog Asia.

More opportunity
Already the strongest brand in the online gambling business, Bodog Asia anticipates record growth this year in a market that’s exploding outward like the universe after the Big Bang. Gambling has always played a prominent role in Asian culture, a role that will continue to grow in tandem with the region’s rapidly expanding middle class. Of all the continents, Asia has the largest GDP in terms of purchasing power parity and the second largest nominal GDP. Translation: the Asian market is massive and getting bigger every day.

The Asian gambling market has no peer. If it were a mountain, it would be Mount Everest. You’d want to climb it simply because it was there. Asia is the big league. Everything else is just a sideshow. You haven’t really tested yourself until you’ve tested yourself here. Are you up for the challenge?

More fun
Bodog Asia is the most dynamic company in the online gaming industry and we earned that reputation through our employees’ passion, dedication and genuine love for what they’re doing. We designed our offices in Manila as collaborative, comfortable environments that encourage relaxed and open communication between teams. Of course, Bodog Asia offers a competitive compensation package. If you’re good at what you do, your hard work will not go unnoticed — or unrewarded.

Bodog Asia is looking for talented individuals across all aspects of the gaming industry. Work with the latest technologies and get to deliver on projects in weeks rather than years. And have fun doing it. Our ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos is not just a slogan. It’s who we are. Is it who you are? If so, we want to hear from you.

More exotic
C’mon… It’s Asia! The mysterious, magical land of the east. Early explorers would willingly travel months by caravan just to reach it, and all you have to do is hop on a plane. Throw in a tropical climate, low cost of living and world class education, housing and healthcare, and we can’t believe you’re still reading this and not already forwarding your resume to Bodog Asia at Or visit to view a list of open positions in Asia or at the other Bodog Brand licensees’ operations in London and Barcelona.

The online gambling market is tilting east. Bodog Asia is already there. Where do you want to be? Read more about these brilliant job opportunities here.

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