Daly’s theory on why Woods cheated

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john dalyWhat really causes a man to cheat on his partner? Obviously, the simple answer is that we carry around an impulsive organ between our legs and sometimes it makes the final decisions…For some of us, it makes them all the time. We don’t have many other options, a man with an unhappy “Johnson” is not a happy man. So it makes sense to me when John Daly goes on record to insinuate that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife because he wasn’t being satisfied sexually.

I guess someone had to say it, and we’re all thankful that John Daly is never one to bite his tongue. Daly described Tiger as a man who lived his whole life on the golf course and never really knew what women were all about till he was much older.

He sure was a quick a study and didn’t waste any time catching up to the rest of us that’s for sure.

Personally, I’ve always had my theory on why Woods cheated so recklessly. First of all, I doubt it was because of a lack of trying that Woods wasn’t a super stud with the ladies at an earlier age. They just weren’t as much into him.

Once you become the greatest in anything and make as much money and wield as much power as Woods did, women throw themselves at you, that’s common sense. Shit, that’s why most guys try to act like high rollers even when they’re just gas jockeys.

Woods just did what any other powerful man has done before him and that is, he did what he wanted to, when he wanted to do it, with whom he wanted to do it with. If that makes him a bad man, then so be it, he’s a bad man, he and millions of others. It’s just that Woods was a little too sloppy about it and technology and the Internet screwed him over.

Seriously, is a professional athlete cheating on his wife something new? Is it worse than sending cock shots?

This might be an obvious answer, but in truth, who got the worse end of the deal in the Tiger Woods scandal? Woods or his multi-million dollar ex-wife?


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