Calvin Ayre Party: Seven Deadly Sins – Wrath

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Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly SinsOn May 25 2011 at the iGaming Super Show in Dublin, will be throwing the Seven Deadly Sins Party to celebrate our anniversary and as an added super bonus, we’ll also be celebrating Calvin’s 50th birthday. You can’t be a part of the best party of the year if you don’t register for the iGaming Super Show, so if you haven’t already, get up off your ass and get it done!

Do it now dammit or you’ll be subject to our wrath!

In keeping with the party theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, we have been exploring all of these tasty vices and how we as industry professionals use them. Pride, Greed and Envy are already in the books, but today, we shall explore the deadly sin of wrath.

Wrath may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. It’s rage, it’s mind numbing rage, it’s seeing red, it’s passionate anger and then it’s even more than that. Wrath in its purest form can’t be stopped. It is tangible, it is calculated and it doesn’t stop until it is satisfied. Wrath gets results.

Granted, feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, ranging from restless impatience to revenge and vigilantism. But surely wrath could be channeled and used constructively…A means to an end. Surely, even uncontrolled feelings of hate and anger can be channeled effectively, I believe we as industry professionals have proven that.

As industry professionals we use our wrath almost every day, we have to. For so long our industry has faced unnecessary hurdles and harsh opposition that has attacked our industry and worse yet, unfairly questioned our character. Our response has and will always be calculated wrath.

Wrath is the only deadly sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest. Our wrath is channeled for the greater good.

Our wrath isn’t manifested in violence, after all, we aren’t Vikings, though at times we may party and pillage like it…That’s just the rock star in us!

Our wrath may not be shown in vendetta or revenge but it is shown in downright defiance and dedicated, aggressive resistance to injustice.

Our wrath is displayed in our willingness to let our voices be heard in loud numbers when our industry is attacked. Anger burns in our hearts every-time we see freedoms that each red-blooded human being should have trampled on.

We have hatred for anything and anyone that attacks our industry with false information, the fun police that try to govern our basic desires, and we despise those who speak against us with lies.

Our wrath does not consume us and it does not destroy us. It drives us to new standards of greatness. Wrath is a component of that lifeblood that has pushed our industry to the top.

If you attack us, our credibility or this industry that we all love, you will feel our wrath. That’s just how we get down.
So on May 25th come to Seven Deadly Sins Party and unleash some of that wrath at the open bar. Let that wrath manifest itself in a dedication to destroy as many shots of tequila as humanly possible.

Wrath is said to open the door to the other Seven Deadly Sins, which is perfect, because we invite you to join us as we indulge in them all at the Seven Deadly Sins Party at the iGaming Super Show in Dublin.


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