Calvin Ayre Party: Seven Deadly Sins- Envy

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gambling industry will envy this partyOn May 25 2011, will be throwing the Seven Deadly Sins Party and we’re calling right now as one of those legendary parties that’ll go down in the history books under “Wow”.

While lets its hair down to celebrate its first anniversary, the main man himself, Calvin Ayre will be celebrating his own 50th birthday like only Calvin knows how to get down. For you rookies out there who don’t know what that means, let me break it down for you: anniversary celebration + Calvin Ayre’s 50th birthday celebration = Craziest Party Ever! Get the picture?

The Seven Deadly Sins Party will explore all the seven deadly sins: Pride, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth and Envy. Today we’ll explore Envy and how it pertains to the gaming industry professional, but before we get into that, let’s make a few distinctions.

Firstly, Envy should not be confused with jealousy. The two words are often used interchangeably but in reality, they mean two very different things. Jealousy is for punks. It’s the fear of losing something that one possesses to another person while envy is the pain or intense desire one feels when another person has something that one does not have for oneself.

In the gaming industry, we find ourselves channeling our envious emotions everyday whether we realize it or not. When you’re playing poker and you can’t see the face of the cat across from you because his chip stack is so high, you’re envious of his fat stack.

When you’re in the office and a fellow co-worker is getting a promotion that you could have had, you’re envious.

When you’re in the bar and you see that dude double fisting beers while you’re standing at the back of the line, throat parched and sober, you’re envious!

After a long night of partying and carrying on, when you see that billionaire two stepping into the stretch limo with two bad ass girls on each arm; while you’re stuffing you’re DAF buddy into a cab, you bet your ace you’re envious!

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

In our industry we use our envy to strive to reach new heights. That envy doesn’t consume us, it makes us better, it makes us stronger, it makes us believe that we could be greater than we were yesterday and it makes us always ask the golden question “Why not me?”

The answer to that question is what drives us. So harness your envy, indulge in it because that should be you!

That should be you with the fat stack of chips running the tables.

That should be you getting that promotion, and if it isn’t this time, you’ll work your ass off so next time it will be.

That should be you double fisting cocktails at the party and that WILL be you with two partners, one on each arm at the end of the night if you register for the iGaming Super Show in Dublin, and get your ass to the Seven Deadly Sins Party and the early!

We’ll see you there, and for all of those who can’t make it, get your envy on!


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