Calvin Ayre Party: Seven Deadly Sins – Greed

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ca-deadly-sins-party-greedGreed. Whether people want to believe it or not, it’s one of the forces that drives the world we inhabit, it’s also one of the seven deadly sins. We’ll admit it right now, we’re guilty of getting greedy in the purest form with the Seven Deadly Sins Party we’ve planned.

There are some parties that after you’ve attended them, and reflect upon the experience, you can say that it was cool, or you had fun. And then there are those that are over-the-top, next level parties that are so off the chains that you don’t remember anything but images and flashes, but you’re damn sure about one thing and one thing only, you had the greatest time of your life. That’s how we’ll be rolling on May 25th at the Seven Deadly Sins Party.

Yes, we’ll be greedy, we’ll be having more fun than previously thought as humanly possible and we want you to join us in our indulgence. We don’t need excuses to party, but it turns out we have two extremely good ones. May 25th is not only’s anniversary, but it’s also Calvin’s 50th birthday, so it’s time to get greedy and go overboard. The party is free to attend but the only way you can experience the party is by registering at the iGaming Super Show in Dublin Ireland.

If the definition of greed is an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods with the intention to keep it for one’s self, then in many ways working in our industry requires us all to be greedy. In this industry we must strive to sign up the most accounts and then some, take the most bets and then some, and accumulate the most wealth…And then some! We can be sure at all times that our competitors in the industry are doing the same and so our industry is fuelled by greed, and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

That said, industry professionals know how to put their greed aside when necessary, in fact, we make significant contributions to charitable organizations, and are actually regarded as one of the more philanthropic industries.

At the Seven Deadly Sins Party we invite you to let your greed take control of you. We invite you to have more fun than everyone else, we invite you to drink and carry on more than you need to, and we invite you to grab as many beautiful men and women as you want to. We invite all of those who want it all, to come get it at the Seven Deadly Sins Party.

Just make sure you and friends register for the iGaming Super Show in Dublin and attend the Seven Deadly Sins Party.

Quick tip: get there early! Greedy bird gets the worm.


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