Marijuana on its way to legalization in Canada

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Oh Canada our home and dilated land…Canadians just have things figured out, plain and simple. They took a look at online gambling and realized it was merely digital entertainment and an industry that they could profit from regulating. Now, provinces like BC and Quebec are reaping the benefits of online gambling and Ontario is looking to join them in the near future.

Ontario must have figured out that their laws against certain drugs, particularly marijuana, are just as ridiculous. Let’s face it, pot should not be illegal and it is only the fact that it is illegal that causes the crime associated with it…Legalize pot and the crime associated with it will disappear..Besides, anyone who wants some weed gets some weed in Canada. Criminalizing Drugs has never decreased their usage.

The Ontario Superior Court shot down two major parts of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that prohibits the possession and production of marijuana.

According to the ruling, the court declared that the rules that govern medical marijuana access and the prohibitions laid out in Sections 4 and 7 of the act as stated by Justice Donald Taliano were “constitutionally invalid and of no force and effect.”

This is huge for the many medical marijuana patients who are out there struggling to get doctor’s to prescribe them pot. The pot smoker’s celebration will be on hold for at least 90 days, the period in which the government has to come up with a successful delay or re-regulation of the sweet stick icky drug.

If this ruling that the criminalization of pot is unconstitutional stands, you can probably expect the rest of the provinces in Canada to follow suit under the precedent set by Ontario.

Surely, British Columbia which is known for its quality grade BC Bud, will be the next to jump on board. Then again, the laws in BC surrounding pot are already so liberal, if you’ve ever walked in down town Vancouver on 4/20 you’d know what I’m smelling about.

Oh, and on behalf of Canadians in Ontario, that’s how you do it California.


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