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weekly-news-recap-April-9Calvin Ayre drops a truth bomb
By far the single most talked about piece of editorial in the industry this week. Calvin Ayre unzips his truth trousers and unleashes the facts. Deal with it.

Pwin has a very bad Pwednesday
April 6 will forever be remembered as a black day in (Pwin) history. Not yet a week old, the newly merged entity of bwin and PartyGaming was hit hard by proposed German market ‘liberalization’ plans, losing a third of its share value over the next three days.

District of Congress outmaneuvers federal politicians on online poker
While US federal politicians were distracted by the battle over the budget, the city of Washington quietly gave intrastate online poker the legal go-ahead. Who says the place was built on a stinking swamp?

Chiliconnect marries Chilipoker with social media
If Chilipoker loves social media so much, why doesn’t it marry it already? Oh… It did? Yes, online poker players can now tweet and Facebook to their hearts content while playing, because nobody really minds waiting for you to finish stalking your ex-girlfriend online before you get around to deciding whether or not to fold. Really. They don’t.

Las Vegas Sands boss says junkets operating in Singapore
Sheldon Adelson may be almost 400 years old, but he’s still spry enough to spot a junket operator trying to sneak $5m through his Marina Bay Sands operation in Singapore.

NFL lockout looms as District Court Judge requests more time in the huddle
NFL fans didn’t get the scouting report they were hoping for when District Court Judge Susan Richard Nelson declared she needed two weeks further study to determine whether the looming NFL lockout violates federal antitrust law. (Seriously? Her middle name is Richard? No wonder she’s confused.)

Betfair outs Virgin Media staff trying to cheat X Factor bettors
Betfair exposes three Virgin Media employees who were caught using inside info to place £16k worth of bets on The X Factor results. Richard Branson promptly launches the three into orbit via Virgin Galactic, then shuts his space program down.

Steve Wynn rationalizes his change of heart on regulated online poker
Wynn Resorts honcho explains why he entered into an online poker deal with PokerStars, apart from, you know, the fact that he stands to make a shitload of money.

Atlantic City profits drop 26.7% in 2010
The boardwalk betting bastion posts a significant drop in its 2010 income, in part because neighboring Pennsylvania is stealing all its business, but mostly because New Jersey is not in Asia. announces Seven Deadly Sins party
May 25 marks the one-year anniversary of, and the 50th anniversary of Calvin Ayre’s birth. The party’s in Dublin, part of the iGaming Super Show. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Our own Rebecca Liggero takes a peek under the technological hood of the online gaming industry at the C5-sponsored conference in London.


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