Mobile underground a doubt in London as city is named spread betting capital of UK

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London Underground might not get mobileExciting plans to implement mobile access on London Underground have hit the buffers due to high costs. It was believed that talks between Chinese company Huawei and UK mobile phone operators were at an advanced stage. Like is often the case with mobile phone companies, “agree” doesn’t enter their vocabulary that much.

As one representative from each of Vodafone, O2, Everything Everywhere, Three, and Huawei linked arms, they said the following, “As a group we will continue to positively explore all other avenues available to us in order to provide a service at a later date.”

It’s believed that all the companies involved spent a significant amount on the project. The news doesn’t affect the plans for Wi-Fi on the underground but the exorbitant cost of this scheme may spell problems for that move as well.

Wi-Fi and mobile signal underground could be of particular importance to the mobile gaming industry. It would mean customers would rarely be in a situation where they weren’t able to access the Internet and in turn able to gamble whilst underground. Brings a completely new meaning to the term “underground gambling industry.”

The centre of the iGaming universe, London, has also, rather unremarkably, been revealed as the place that possesses the highest amount of spread bettors in the UK.

Figures, compiled by Spreadex, reveal that a whopping 419,948 of visits were registered in the capital, with Manchester lagging behind in second with 29,024.

Spreadex Marketing Communications manager Andy MacKenzie commented, “Spread betting originated in the City of London so perhaps it is not surprising to see that this is still the area with the highest percentage of spread bettors in the UK.

“However, we are seeing increasing numbers of new accounts opening from across the country and it’s evident that the practice is no longer being limited strictly to those who work in finance or business in the south east.

They also noted that the most dedicated customers seemed to be from the new town of Milton Keynes, bettors spending 17 minutes per visit.


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