ALC looks for new CEO

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atlanticlotteryCanada’s Atlantic Lottery Corporation ALC is a public corporation owned by the governments of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. For the most part, business has been good, The Atlantic Lottery pumped in just over $389 million, to the four Atlantic Provinces last year. Considering the chances of actually winning the lottery are as good as being struck by lightning twice, it’s always good business.

But now the gaming corporation is looking for new leadership. Former CEO Michelle Carinci stepped down from the role following the expiration of her contract. In her place for the interim, the ALC has appointed Brent Scrimshaw, executive vice president of brands and channels, as interim CEO.

To his credit, Scrimshaw has served in various senior leadership roles at the Canadian Football League, Air Canada Championship PGA Tour, and Molson Canada all major companies/organizations in Canada.

But looking forward, the company will need a leader that is ready to address the true state of the gaming industry right now, and devise a profitable plan for moving forward.

Carinci had recently made pleas to New Brunswick about widening their gaming offerings, so far those pleas have fallen on deaf ears. As for Nova Scotia, they’ve completely turned their backs on expanding gaming into the online gambling realm, and if anything, they’re heading backwards.

For the most part, Carinci’s tenure was a successful, but that is the past. Who will take the ALC into the future? And what direction will they choose? Without question the ALC must understand the importance of expanding into online gambling, but how can they convince the provinces that own them to do the same?

The next ALC CEO will have his/her work cut out.


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