April Fools – Conference party scene needs to be reigned in

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No to conference partiesOver the past few years, online gambling has become a truly worldwide phenomenon. The online gambling industry has gone from strength to strength with the opportunity to gamble quite literally on anything you like.

To keep the well-oiled machine running, conferences occur throughout the year in order to make sure that companies in the industry are interacting and working together.

Whether it be a B2B conference in Paris or an affiliate focused event in Dublin, they are valuable forums over which to share ideas and make sure that globally, the gambling industry is in the position it needs to be in.

What’s worrying is that the lifestyles of those present could be having a detrimental effect on any business transactions taking place and denying the industry the formation of even more successful partnerships.

Currently if you rock up at a conference you’re likely to be greeted with champagne upon arrival in order to network with industry colleagues. Sorry but the only reason you’ll need to use the word network is to find your way through the network of corridors to the nearest toilet.

Then you get into the conference itself, and again, particularly at conferences serving the affiliate world, you are plied with alcohol as if there’s a global alcohol drought. If you plied people at any time other than a conference you could take out harassment charges against the people goading you.

The coup de grace comes when you reach the evening though.

A constant stream of parties will mean that you are suitably topped up with any drinks that might be on offer and the only advantage that anyone present can expect is to be roundly embarrassed on the Internet. That’s not even an advantage. You can also add to the charge sheet the demeaning of little people and just the general championing of partying. It’s giving the industry a bad name.

It’s bad enough that the industry has to fight on the opinion that “all other vices are good whereas gambling’s bad, without having to further try and shake off the reputation of conferences just being one massive party with no success at the end of it.


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