Why do people hate on cheerleaders

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Palace Crystals cheerleaderAfter not being present at this year’s Super Bowl cheerleaders are again being given a barracking. Fans of a British soccer team are blaming the fact that the club has acquired a new group of lasses for their team’s poor form.

New owners took over at Crystal Palace FC last summer and one of the first things they did was to recruit a new group of dancers for pre-match and half-time entertainment. They went down a storm straight away. No blame was placed at their door when the club was performing very badly earlier in the season. Now fans seem to be getting restless at the constant draws the team generates.

London’s Metro newspaper spoke to blogger and Eagles’ fan Gareth Pollock. He said, “When they come out waving their pom-poms I just hang my head.”

He added, “They put everyone off the game – you see the players eyeing them up when they should be focusing on the game. The sooner they go the better.”

As with many of the ridiculous claims that are made by many in the world of soccer all you have to do is check out the stats.

Palace hasn’t lost at home since the 30th October 2010, which represents a 12 game unbeaten run. This also included eight games when the opponents were shut out and the run has dragged the team out of the relegation zone after they had looked doomed.

A sly look at the team’s away form would tell you all you need to know.

The cheerleaders don’t travel with the team and they’ve failed to win on every occasion but one. If you add this to the fact that the girls do it off their own bat then it really does boggle the mind as to what some people are on about.


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