Drinking, gambling and carrying on, but not like that

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Gambling, drinking and carrying on, we’re all about that, but even we have to scratch our heads at what happened in Baltimore last week. 13 Department of Transportation employees were accused of participating in a regular payday Friday ritual of drinking and gambling on the job.

These guys would literally stop working and start boozing and playing a game of craps!

It’s not like these guys have important jobs like landing planes, but still, time and place right? Here’s the kicker: The Baltimore Sun’s Hermann reported this week, six of the men had been convicted of serious offenses in the past, including drug distribution and weapons charges, while a seventh was arrested twice on assault charges but never convicted.

So basically, you have a bunch of criminals, working for the city, gambling and drinking on the job. Baltimore sounds like a great place to live, if you’re a criminal! Baltimore passed a law that removed the question about having a criminal record from the city’s application list for low level jobs.

Why should they care about low level employees with criminal records? Especially when high level employees, like former Mayor Sheila Dixon, had to resign after her conviction for embezzlement in 2009 and will soon be tried for perjury in 2010.

Under that light, these employees were stat quo. But for the record, gambling, drinking and carrying isn’t exactly supposed to be done on the job…Unless you’re a gaming industry professional, where sometimes that’s part of the job, because that’s just how we get down.


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