Becky’s Bender: iGaming France Conference weekend activities

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Paris weekend activities for iGaming France Conference attendeesSalut mes amis! It is a gorgeous 20 degrees and sunny in Paris, perfect timing for the iGaming France Conference which has attracted 200+ cheerful attendees.

To help fill the conference nightlife calendar, last week’s Becky’s Bender was dedicated to Paris restaurant, bar and club recommendations which came straight from a few hand-picked locals. In an effort to try and satisfy everyone’s extracurricular activity appetite, this week’s issue will focus on fun things to do over the weekend in the nice Parisian weather. But let’s make sure one thing is clear. All of the below are probably going to be more fun if some wine is involved

Paris Weekend Activities:

+Put on your nicest gear and strut down Rue de Rivoli and Champs-Élysées, two very famous streets in Paris filled with elegant pedestrians and high end stores.

+Visit Galleries Lafayette, complete with a big balcony on the top floor with a gorgeous view of Paris.

+Spend those Euros at Le Printemps, two big shopping centers near the Opera Garnier.

+Check out Le Marais district (Metro station Saint-Paul), an Old Jewish district with nice quaint streets, delicious falafels and pastries.

+Make a pilgrimage to Sacré Coeur Church at the top of Montmartre, the only hill in Paris. Enjoy different kinds of wine and mixed platters of ham and cheese at Vingt heures vin (15, rue Joseph-de-Maistre), right at the bottom of the hill.

+Take a stroll (or go for a run like I do) through Les Tuileries park just next to the Louvre or the Luxembourg gardens beside Montparnasse district.

+Engage in some major PDA on a bench facing the Seine…or at least that’s what every French couple seems to enjoy doing!!!!!

When you’ve had enough of the outdoors:

+Crazy Horse Cabaret– Apparently this is an excellent show, plus there are naked women involved!

+How to be a Parisian One Hour- non-stop laughs, poking fun at the French (and the Americans!)


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