Stingy Whale finally pays his Mohegan Sun Casino debt

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The Mohegan Sun Casino has had its fair share of run ins with whales that aren’t willing to pay their casino tabs. Sometimes the casino lets these guys off the hook, but in the case of Jerome Powers, the Mohegan Sun Casino took him on.

For 18 months, the Mohegan Sun Casino tried through the courts to get Jerome Powers to pay off his $1.2 million casino debt. In typical stingy whale fashion, Powers tried a number of ways to get around paying his debt. Powers even tried to use a legal loophole to appeal an earlier judge’s ruling against him.

The sad thing about the whole story was that Powers wasn’t some broke lowlife that had run up a tab he couldn’t pay, all signs indicated that Powers actually had the money, he was just refusing to pay up.

Well, finally, it seems the 18 month long standoff has come to an end. The NY Post has reported that new Chairman and CEO of super-rich-people TV network Plum TV, Jerome Powers, has finally agreed to pay the $1.2 million he lost playing blackjack at the Mohegan Sun.

It’s about 18 months too late, and the Mohegan Sun should strap shitload of interest onto that tab if everything was truly right in the world, but surely, they’ll be satisfied with having hooked this stingy whale.


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