Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City fined by gambling regulators

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Check their ID!

What in the name of Sam Hill is going on with Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City? It’s one thing to have poor security; it’s a completely different issue to have underage gamblers in the casino. It’s an even worse issue to have underage gamblers stealing from the casino!

New Jersey gambling regulators came down hard on Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. The casino was fined $65,000 by N.J. gambling regulators today in what is the first action taken against a casino since the new gambling regulation was introduced in recent weeks.

According to several reports, the fines come in response to the casino allowing underage gambling and failing to detect thefts by a cashier and leaving cash boxes from three slot machines unattended for a half hour. In one instance, the casino caught an underage patron trying to swipe a $100 chip from another gambler. How is the under-aged gambler even getting in?

The most serious violation involved casino security failing to detect four thefts totalling $23,000 by an employee in late 2008 and early 2009. A casino cage supervisor identified only as “MS” was accused of entering the casino’s main bank area while acting as a cashier when the regular cashier was gone. It should almost be automatic that Harrah`s fired every last security person on duty. It can`t be that easy to get over on a casino.

Harrah’s did not even bother to contest the violations, they just agreed to pay the fines hoping this whole thing would go away.

Under-age gamblers and under-age women in the casino present a whole bunch of problems for the casino and its patrons, particularly men. The last thing we need is a gold-digging piece of jail-bait hanging off our arms!…With her hands in our wallet.

There was a report that less profitable patrons were turning their backs on Atlantic City, well it makes sense, the guys going there to pick up girls probably got tired of having to deal with curfews, crying and hand-cuffs for jail bait.


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