How much do politicians care about gaming legislation?

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rose-comments-on-gaming-legislationLaws around legal gambling have long been thought up by those don’t care too much about legal gaming, according to industry expert Prof. I Nelson Rose.

In an article for the latest issue of Casino Enterprise Management, esteemed Professor Rose asks a number of questions of the laws surrounding the gambling industry.

It poses questions as to why laws surrounding legal gambling are so strange, why Internet horseracing and dog racing differ, why Nevada casinos can’t sue a player who refuses to pay back a verbal extension of credit, and what the reason is that prevents the Californian Lottery running TV commercials in Las Vegas.

Rose’s short answer is that, “laws are made by legislators, and most politicians don’t care about legal gaming. Lack of interest leads to mistakes. The most frustrating are mistakes of omission: Gambling is often simply ignored when statutes, regulations and even treaties are written. One of the reasons Antigua won its dispute against the U.S. in the World Trade Organization is that the Americans simply forgot to include “gambling” on the list of activities they wanted to exclude.”

The entire article can be seen in print in March 2011’s edition of Casino Enterprise Management.

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